Samstag, 12. November 2016

Telders International Law Moot Court Competition 2017

INVITATION Dear Sir, Madam, We are pleased to inform you that the Telders International Law Moot Court Competition 2017 will take place from 18 to 20 May at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies and the Peace Palace in The Hague. An unique event in the arena of international legal studies, the Telders Competition has for the past decades been a platform for the highest achieving students at law schools throughout Europe who compete against their peers in a true-to-life courtroom setting. The Final Round on Saturday 20 May will see the remaining two teams plead a case before a panel of three Judges from the International Court of Justice in the Great Hall of Justice at the Peace Palace. In 2017, we will celebrate the 40thedition of the competition, which will make this edition extra special. The fictitious case that the students will be pleading is entitled The Twigan Cultural Centre Dispute, which touches upon different areas of international law, such as treaty law and diplomatic immunity. You will find the competition details and the case on our website at We look forward to receiving your team’s registration form. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Telders Organizing Office. Many thanks, Kind regards, Mette Léons Coordinator TOO Telders Organizing Office (TOO) Ms. Mette Léons, LL.M., Coordinator Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies Campus The Hague – Leiden University P.O Box 13228, 2501 EE The Hague The Netherlands Tel. +31 (0)70-800 9568 | +31 (0)71-527 4852 E-mail: | Website:

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