Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Global Action Menu on Investment Facilitation will take place on Tuesday 6 December 2016 in Geneva

We are writing to invite you and your students to the high-level discussions of UNCTAD’s Global Action Menu on Investment Facilitation that will take place on Tuesday 6 December 2016 in Geneva as part of the annual session of the Trade and Development Board.
Facilitating investment is crucial for sustainable development and inclusive growth. It is also critical for meeting the annual SDG financing gap of $2.5 trillion that developing countries are facing today. However, to date, national and international policies have paid relatively little attention to investment facilitation. UNCTAD’s Global Action Menu for Investment Facilitation aims to complement existing investment policies and proposes 10 action lines with a series of options for investment policymakers and government agencies for national and international policy measures.
We realize that this invitation is of rather short notice and we therefore fully understand if you are not able to join us. It could however be a great opportunity for your students interested in international investment law and policy to get an insight look of an intergovernmental policymaking process and make first contacts with UNCTAD’s investment policy staff to ask questions of interest.
Attendance of the event is free, but prior registration is needed.
Please find more information here: http://investmentpolicyhub.unctad.org/News/Hub/Home/530
Looking forward to seeing you and your students next week!
The IIA team

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